Philips Avent Straw Cup 10Oz Pk1
PKR 2,300
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The Philips Avent Straw Cup is ideal for healthy and pre-eminent oral health development of babies and allows them to take their first sip using a straw. This bottle is pretty spacious and is ideal for holding 200 ml of liquids that you want to carry around. This cup also features a straw that is bent at the lower part so that the straw easily reaches the liquid. It also has an anti-leak valve integrated in it that prevents your baby from spilling liquids. It is also easy to wash so that you can clean all the germs that can potentially harm your child. Yes, this product is compatible with Avent?s bottle or cup so stop looking around and get this bottle so that your child gets to lead a healthy life.
Size: 10 Oz
Category: Maternity & Accessories
Product Form: Cup
Manufacturer: Philips Avent
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