Philips Avent 0-2M Orthodontic Soft Mini Pk2
PKR 1,750
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The Philips Avent Pacifier is hygienic and specifically made for the oral development of babies. This Pacifier is small and lightweight and is created according to a newborn baby?s face. There are air holes present in the shield for an extra force of airflow and this pacifier is also BPA free. This set of two mini pacifiers are made of odor-free and taste free silicone, therefore your baby wouldn?t reject them. These pacifiers are BPA free and the silicone nipples are symmetrical and collapsible. Your baby?s health matters to us, therefore you can wash these nipples easily and get rid of any germs or bacteria present on it.
Size: 1 s
Category: Maternity & Accessories
Product Form: Pacifier
Manufacturer: Philips Avent
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