Oriflame Feet up Comfort Antiperspirant Foot Cream 75 ml
PKR 999
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Formulated with natural Tea Tree oil and Sage extract, Feet Up Comfort Anti-perspirant Foot cream is a dermatologically tested cream that instantly refreshes and limits excessive perspiration to keep your feet beautifully fresh and dry. Leaves no sticky residue.
Size: 75 ml
Category: Foot Care
Product Form: Foot Cream
Ingredients: Tea Tree oil is renowned for its purifying and deodorising properties, as well as its nourishing, moisturising benefits. Sage, with its wonderful astringent and antimicrobial effects, acts to energise your skin. AQUA, ALUMINUM CHLOROHYDRATE, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, CETEARYL ALCOHOL, ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE, GLYCERIN, CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE, CETEARETH-12, KAOLIN, CETEARETH-20, DIMETHICONE, METHYLPARABEN, PHENOXYETHANOL, MENTHOL, SODIUM BENZOATE, PROPYLPARABEN, PARFUM, SALVIA OFFICINALIS LEAF EXTRACT,
Manufacturer: Oriflame
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