Nutra Cure Acne Solution (Anti Acne Serum) 18 ml
PKR 1,200
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Nutra Cure ? Acne Solution (Anti-Acne Serum) is an effective concentrate for acne, pimples and oily skin. Its anti inflammatory property helps to remove bacterial infection, treats pimple and acne condition, and reduces excess oil. A light-weight moisturizer for acne prone skin, Nutra Cure Acne Solution (Anti- Acne Serum) contains special ingredients to help protect skin from environment pollution which may harm your skin. With a combination of various unique ingredients. It provides the required moisture for acne prone skin while reducing excessive sebum which can cause acne formation. It also helps tighten pores and improve your acne conditions. Its unique formulation is of a light and non greasy texture, ensuring fast skin absorption. It is a gentle, colorant-free formulation. Skin feels matte and moisturized
Size: 18 ml
Category: Face Oil & Serums
Product Form: Face Oil & Serums
Ingredients: _
Manufacturer: Nutra Cure
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