Forged in the shadow of an overwhelming demand for mind blowing food by the good people of Lahore, these legends have mastered the art of satisfying customers who settle for nothing but the best.

These restaurants have survived the test of time, operating for at least 40 years, and have based their success and fame simply on the taste of their food.

Location now bears no meaning, because the timeless taste of these meticulously chosen restaurants will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Arif Chatkhara

They might not have created it, but they've surely mastered the technique of making a tawa piece that will blow you away

Bhaiyya Kebab

The original legends of Model Town! Remember, at least a dozen kebabs per person for modest eating. And yes, we found the REAL shop.

Kashmir Bakers & Khatai Shop

Serving our valued customers since 1950 with our specialized and quality products like Badam Khatai, Cake Rusks, Khajoor Biscuits, Customized Cakes and much more.

Khalifa Bakers

Established in 1925, this old school bakery has been using traditional recipes and methods to make the finest dip for your tea: their legendary khatayi.

Khan Baba Tikka Center

Khan Baba produces all their food in desi ghee, and their mutton qorma has been their best seller throughout the years.