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  • Awesome experience. There bbq grilles burger was really tasty.

Zenzi Wraps Bar - Chicken Restaurant in Lahore

Is your stomach growling from hunger because it’s after midnight and you have been religiously binge watching scrumptious YouTube videos of food you could never cook? Or maybe you could cook, but laziness gets the best of you. Well, we feel your pain because the struggle is real. These wee hours of the night have a peculiar correlation with our state of being hungry and lazy. So for nights like these, it is very important that we have a restaurant that we can count on. A restaurant that has exemplary food. Food that is not easily forgettable. Food that will get you salivating just by thinking about it. So the perfect place to order from in this situation is the Zenzi Wraps Bar.

Wraps to keep you craving for a very long time

The perfect snack to lift your mood are the wraps from Zenzi Wraps Bar. Whether you want to satisfy those mid-night cravings or just have a delicious lunch at work, a number of wrap variants are there on the menu. Each bite into this perfectly toasted flatbread filled with tenderized chicken pieces swathed in crunchy salads and sweet and savoury sauces will give a burst of enchanting flavours that will tantalize your taste buds to the core. If your mouth is watering at the thought of these, then order away. You can get a tikka wrap, fajita wrap, afghan classic, BBQ, darbari, reshmi, zenzi special, and afghan BBQ wrap.

Satisfy your hunger with a sandwich or a burger

Imagine the perfect burger with the juiciest patty smothered in a number of sauces and covered in melted cheddar. So delectable that you can’t resist. Lucky for you, you can get it right here at Zenzi Wraps Bar. Treat yourself with a BBQ burger, smoke burger, jalapeno burger or the spicy burger. Or if you are in a mood for an appetizing sandwich, order the tikka, BBQ, fajita, or the veggie sandwich.

All this great food from Zenzi can be ordered from anywhere. You don’t need to leave your house or work to satisfy your hunger. We don’t need you to stress out on top of being hungry because that is not a good combination. So for your convenience, Cheetay will deliver your food anywhere you want. All you have to do is visit the Cheetay website or download the app. Then wait for your food while it reaches you hot and fresh.