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Yum Restaurant In Lahore, Pakistan

We all love Chinese food don’t we! This is the only cuisine we can fall back on if we’re unable to decide what to eat or where to go. Second to desi food I think we all rely on a Chinese restaurant or order out when you want to have something hearty. Sometimes you crave a hot cup of soup or the best chicken Manchurian you can imagine or the most lusciously smooth chicken chow mein.

Owing to the surge of desi restaurants and local eateries springing up everywhere which serve Chinese food where you have separate sections on their menus for Chinese cuisine. We all try these places now and then when you really want to have a cheap and somewhat acceptable version of authentic chinese food. But there really comes a time when you can’t settle for a mediocre rip off of which barely qualifies as Chinese or a supremely desi version of Manchurian where you have pieces of chicken floating in a tomato ketchup gravy which is thickened way too much with corn flour. Or when you try to have a bowl of soup only to realize it is a gelatinous mixture which is way too thick for you to sip and have properly.

Worry not! For the best chineese experience in town you can always rely on Yum Restaurant. It has a diverse menu and a host of gourmet options to choose from. From Soups, Starters and a wide variety of main courses you can easily eat and experience fine dining like it is meant to.

Moreover, apart from Chinese you can also try their deliciously exclusive Thai menu. Their thai delights are worth trying. So if you’re in the mood to eat Chinese and don’t want to leave the comfort of your home or you just want to eat with your family or watch a movie and eat. Just log on to our website and order! Our cheetaas will deliver your order fresh and hot.

Intazaar na karain aur abhi order karain!