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Wok Express Restaurant in Lahore

A good plate of steaming hot chinese food warms up the soul to the brink. Wok express restaurant in Lahore aims to do just that and maybe a bit more too! With its array of classic dishes, Wok Express is a winner when it comes to ordering assorted chinese food for all occasions.

Bowls of Soupy Delight

Perhaps the best thing about Wok Express restaurant in Lahore is the variety of rich soups it offers on its menu. From the traditionally viscous soups like hot n sour and chicken corn soup to the broth like thai soup, Wok Express has it all covered. For those who have a more acquired taste, there is Special Tom Yam Goong, Special Tom Yam Gai and Chicken Shrimp Mushroom soup! Also, those who want to include the earthy goodness of vegetables in their diets, there is the option of chicken vegetable soup! If you are home alone and trying to find solace in a bowl of warm soup then fret not! The Wok Express restaurant has you covered again with its choice of small portions which includes soups too!

Assortment of Prawn Dishes

Prawns oh prawns. A delectable feast for all! A well marinated prawn with a bang of chinese flavours in the mouth is everyone’s favourite and this is why the Wok Express restaurant boasts not one or two but eight variants of shrimps and prawns on its menu. Whether you like yours fried or braised, with garlic or hot sauce, Wok Express serves them all in delightful ways! Their fried shrimp balls particularly are a hit and a must try for you! Also it is important to notice that the Wok Express restaurant has pretty reasonable prices for its prawn and shrimp dishes as compared to other restaurants who charge considerably more for such dishes.

An Array of Rice Options to Choose from

It looks like the Wok Express restaurant in Lahore kept everyone in mind while deciding its menu because we can’t name any rice favourite that isn’t on their menu! From the steamed rice for the diet conscious to the Masala rice for those who like a hit of tarka in their lives, the list of rice is endless! Try their special eight treasure fried rice and thank us later! Or if you are in the mood for something a bit heavier, try their egg fried rice with chicken and tomato sauce at a mere PKR 550.

A Fishy Business

If you are an indulgent foodie then the fish dishes are not to be ignored too. The Wok Express restaurant has a yummy range of sauces and spices to complement its fish dishes ranging from the much loved kung pao sauce to the pickled vinegar fish.

If this choice of authentic chinese dishes doesn’t fascinate you into opening our cheetay app and ordering them while they are still hot, we don’t know what rocks your boat!