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Order Online from Wasabi Restaurant in Lahore

Want a true Pan-Asian meal set up at your table for lunch or dinner? Wasabi Restaurant, Lahore is yours to order. Get Cheetay to deliver Sushi, Tempura prawn, Salmon, Tuna, Crab and so much more from this restaurant!

Exotic Seafood Menu at Wasabi

Special California rolls cooked with rice, cucumber, crab and avocado with sesame seeds are delicious to eat. The crunchy rice is dipped with sauce brings in sour, spicy and sweet flavours that are hard to resist. Californian Maki is another option if you are up for avocado with crabs and prawns all swathed in mayonnaise and garnished with smelt roe. If you like salmon, egg, vinegar dipped rice and cucumbers wrapped in dried seaweed then order Salmon Maki or have Kappa Maki, that is, vinegar rice rolled in cucumber and topped with sesame seeds.

The sushi lovers can order-in cooked sushi platters that consist of Crunchy Maki, Spicy Tempura Rolls and Spicy Cooked Tuna Maki or Wasabi’s special Sushi Platters that have assorted Nigiri, that is, white rice wrapped in nori or seaweed. If you like deep-fried boneless chicken glazed in spicy sauce then order Spicy Nene Chicken from Wasabi.