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  • BST NIHARI In Lhr.Jst Gr8.
  • It was tastless ????
  • Giving 2 stars, nihari was good but too much salt kill taste, Tandori Roti was so junk, really feel bad about Rotis
  • Delicious Nihari. highly recommended.
  • Ordered beef nihari from waris. Received it at 8pm. While there were no issues in the delivery process, the nihari was rotten. The meat tasted very powdery. Everyone who had it, ended up with food poisoning and upset stomachs. I boiled the nihari it in the morning and it was rotten. I will now never be ordering from waris
  • The best in Lahore: never tasted low quality meat from them.
  • People have commented here about Cheetay itself not Waris Nihari #Odd What Waris Nihari offers is not "Nihari" at all but that is something really tasty. The amount of Nihari offered is very less in comparison. - Good Taste - Odd kind of Nihari - Less quantity
  • Fabulous service! Delicious food.
  • Lahori specialty made to perfection. The service from Cheetay is commendable. A great combination!
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Waris Nihari Restaurant In Lahore

Imagine a plate of nihari. A puff of steam trapped inside the naan escapes as you tear a piece from it. You carefully sculpt the broken piece into a boat shaped nawala, wrap a tender beef boti inside it, dip it into the salaan and take the first bite. A savory fusion of flavor breaks into your mouth, with a subtle hint of freshly grated ginger and a zest of lemon giving just the right amount of tickling in the back of your mouth. You realize that there is no going back. After all, nihari is a staple of Lahori cuisine and culture, something one cannot live without having. Having the perfect plate of nihari is a dream come true for a Lahori.

And where better to have the most epic nihari than at Waris Nihari restaurant located in the heart of old Lahore. Their menu has covered all types of nihari possible for all types of people. There is beef nihari, bong nihari, mutton nihari and even chicken nihari. Of course, you might not want to embark on a long journey all the way to New Anarkali Road to have their mouth-watering nihari so Cheetay’s got you covered on that end. Just simply place your order through and let us deliver food to the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. Rest assured, Cheetay will deliver this Lahori specialty to you while the nihari is still warm. And with the cheetay app, placing an order is even easier! So download the app now and order away.