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Urban Kitchen- Cheetay’s New Food Partner

What would you choose to eat this time? A Creamy Garlic Tuscan Polo or Oishii Katsu Curry? Urban Kitchen brings mouth-watering Italian, Japanese and American dishes to your table. With Cheetay being its food delivery partner, your wish to devour appetizing chicken dishes is now fulfilled.

Urban Kitchen’s diverse menu

Urban Kitchen in Lahore, has aromatic dishes lined up for you. Start of your meal by ordering Cream of Mushroom cooked with thin creamy roux that has a variety of mushrooms added to it. Next, order grilled chicken with a rich and creamy garlic sauce cooked with spinach and sundried tomatoes eaten with mashed potatoes. Or Montreal Poutine that is served with a gravy layered with fresh cheese curds and stringy mozzarella and golden crispy French fries. You can also order Picante Poppers that are crispy fried bread chicken breast pieces with jalapeno cream cheese centered in the middle. A fan of American food can order a creamy and cheesy Ultimate Mac and Cheese! or Chicken Parmesan, a tender chicken breast piece with breadcrumbs layered with parmesan cheese, marinara sauce and pasta. A Double Shack Burger with juicy and succulent beef patties, freshly cut lettuce, melted cheddar and spicy sriracha mayo packed between freshly baked potato buns is delicious option to eat as well.

Pan- Asian and Desi Dishes to Devour!

The most ordered dishes from Pan-Asian and Desi cuisine are Oishi Katsu Curry and Nawab’s Butter Chicken. The former is a thickly textured Japanese dish centered with Chicken coated in Panko breadcrumbs dipping fully in the aromatic curry sauce. This is served with steamed rice to make it a hearty meal. The latter however, is boneless chicken cooked in Tandoor and finished off with melted butter, spices, cream and roasted almonds. This is served with Dal Makhni, basmati rice and parathas.

Urban Kitchen delivery is easily available on Cheetay no matter what location you are at. All you have to do is fill in your cart and click to check out!