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  • They charged the wrong prices on the website and when the delivery man arrived the fees were higher. When we eventually gave the money we were asked for more money. Very disapointed and will never order again.

Udon House, Lahore

Have you ever wondered what Korean home cooked food tastes like? Wonder no more because Udon House will take you inside a traditional Korean kitchen. This cool restaurant is a venture of a Korean couple, Mr. and Mrs. Kim. The amazing thing is that Mr. and Mrs. Kim also cook the food in the restaurant to give us the best possible experience! They carefully procure all the ingredients, some locally and some from Korea. The menu includes a selection of Korean dishes so each dish gets complete attention. Their focus is not on quantity or profit maximization, but on serving their customers with the best authentic Korean cuisine. The restaurant itself is a humble place that seats around twenty to twenty four people. No fancy furnishing or anything. So the focus remains on the food and excellent customer service.Let’s talk about the menuOne of the most raved about menu item is the chicken udon which is a noodle soup with vegetables, herbs, and chicken. This steaming hot bowl of soup with its mesmerizing aroma will take you to your happy place. Then there is the bibimbab that is made up of vegetables and beef, served with rice and kimchi. Another soup dish is the seafood udon that consists of fish, shrimps, squids, mussels served with noodles and a sauce. Other dishes on the menu are the vegetable udon, oden udon, beef ball udon, spicy chicken rice, rice ball, curry rice, omulet rice, and bulgogi rice. The prices of all these dishes are so good that it won’t break your bank.Sharing is caringThis is the kind of food you want to share with your friends and family. So you have someone to talk about how wonderful everything on the menu is. But if you are concerned about finding enough space for everyone at the restaurant, then worry no more. You don’t need to visit the restaurant just to experience some authentic Korean cuisine. You can have all that while sitting in your living room. YES! But how? Obviously, through Cheetay! Just visit the website or download the Cheetay app to order some Korean food. Invite your friends over and marvel at all the tantalizing cuisines.