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Truskun Restaurant in Lahore

If you truly want to enjoy KPK cuisine brought to you from chefs of the region, then Truskun restaurant in Lahore is a true delight. Their menu is like any other Pakistani restaurants they've got crowd pleasers like dumba karahi, dumba seekh tikka barbecue, dumpukht mutton, Mughlai handi and a wide range of barbecue items like chicken malai tikka, chicken boti, beef chappal kebab. If that's not enough, you can try their Irani grilled fish or get a taste at their kabuli pulao. Their rich flavours and tastes are from KPK and cooked by masters of KPK cuisine. So don't just eat dumba karahi from any restaurant in Lahore have it at Truskun restaurant who has got the authentic recipes. Truskun restaurant in Lahore is located on Burki Road. If you live in Wapda Town, Raiwind or even Gulberg for that matter, you know how inconveniently far Truskun restaurant is, especially in the traffic. And it would be quite sad to get to Truskun restaurant only to find out it's full and you have to wait for a table and then your food. Forget all that frustration. Leave it to cheetay to deliver your favorite dumba karahi, lamb roast or Afghani boti to you wherever you are. That's what Cheetay is here for to deliver food no matter what part of Lahore you are in so you don't have to waste time in the traffic and waiting. Placing an order through the Cheetay app is even easier so download the app now and order from Truskun restaurant now!

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