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Tree Lounge Restaurant in Lahore, Pakistan

Given the number of lounges you get to see everywhere it's hard choosing which one to go to. Otus, Polo and ohhhhh …. Wait for it…… Tree. Boom! That’s the word we were looking for. There are so many restaurants at your disposal to go and try that you sort of get lost in deciding where to go. There are so many options available in terms of cuisines, fast food, Chinese, Italian, Thai, etc that it’s really difficult for anyone to decide if you’re not clear what you’re in the mood for.

There are times when you’re just hungry and can’t seem to pinpoint one cuisine or restaurant. You just want food and can’t decide. Thinking of a burger makes you salivate, the thought of pasta makes your stomach growl, the thought of beef chilly noodles makes the foodie in you go bonkers. All you need is a place which has all the delicacies your heart desires. You want to treat yourself to the best of gourmet with multiple options at your disposal.

The kind of place where you would go and try something new on every visit, a new cuisine to fire up your palette, scintillate your taste buds and satisfy your binge eating urges. You hardly come across places that specialise in multiple cuisines and manage to maintain good quality. Maintaining high quality standards aren’t as easy as one might think. Most restaurants enter the market with considerable pomp and gaiety but tend to fizzle out due to dwindling quality and inconsistency. Well worry not, we do have a place in mind for you.

The Tree Lounge is the place for you. Their menu is delectable and diverse and is something you ought to try out. Well one thing is for sure, you’ll be spoiled for choice considering the number of items they have on their menu. If you’re ever in the mood to give your friends a treat who demand that you take them somewhere fancy and gourmet, this is the place. They have Thai, Chinese, Lebanese, Continental, Italian and Desi. Plus they have a delicious desserts menu with an assortment of drinks and shakes for you to splurge on.

Now that you know what they have in store, you can always try and test their menu. There’s usually one problem that we all face. It is a considerable hassle to get ready, make reservations, and wait for your friends or family who have to go along with you. Coordinating and planning such outings mostly take a toll on you. Driving, parking and braving the traffic is nothing we all Lahori’s unanimously despise. If given the chance wouldn’t you want to be handed over the food you so want to have at home? Kon naheecahta kay ghar baithay un kay haaatoon mai khana ajaye?

That is where we so conveniently swoop in! Yes we deliver anything and everything all over Lahore. Be it food or whatever you want delivered. But if it’s food you’re in luck. Just sit back, relax and order out. Our fleet our Cheetahs are waiting to deliver your order hot and fresh at your doorstep.