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  • 3rd class. Chicken was not fresh. It was very spicy despite clear instructions for less spicy food.
  • awesome way to represent the table.
Tooba Chanay Restaurant For Nashta In LahoreKhana ho ya khaba, takaa kay khao roll parathaAloo anda, poori ho ya channaDil kahay murgh cholay tou koi kahay hareesa koi haleem bolayAgar khana ho nashta tou to best hai paratha andaLunch time par ho bhook tou Koftay aur roghnee nan kha kar niklaain iss ki phookYes you got that right. To make sure you get the best desi food experience Tooba Chanay Restaurant is the best option for you. So whenever you’re in the mood for a Desi Khaaba and crave having the best Lahori Cholay served with the fluffiest Khameerii Roti. Or sometimes your Desi cravings exceed your expectations and you suddenly feel the urge to eat Haleem with the best Tarka that hits your palette with a kick of Chilli and sweetness of the caramelized onions.And sometimes you really want to devour a plate of Murgh Chanay made especially from a blend of aromatic spices and perfectly cooked Chanaas which melt in your mouth. So yes you don’t need to go all the way to Lakshmi Chowk to eat these Desi delights. All you need to do is log on to our website and order from the menu available. You can also down load our App for greater convenience.We will rid you of the hassle of driving all the way where there hardly is ever any parking. Moreover, wouldn’t it be way better if you sat at home with your family or a group of friends and had whatever you had in mind?So order from Cheetay and we will deliver your order at your doorstep! Hot and Fresh. Just the way you like it.