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  • very much late timing of food that,s why only one star
  • very good taste, very bad delivery. mostly food is delivered very late (like 3 - 4 pm for lunch)
  • Prompt action was taken after my complaint, the rider called me and i received my food
  • Extremely poor service . Only got my order on monday after that I was Not contacted neither my order was delivered . Paise bhi lay leye hain .
  • Didn't receive my food and wasn't contacted about it.
  • excellent service
  • Awesome Taste
  • Delivery was wayy late more than 2hrs late nd the quantity of food was less overall the quality was good.. 2stars less because of the two above reasons
  • Good....
  • bit spicy
  • It was a bit spicy
  • All dishes should be available on all days so that we can get a truly customised meal. I don't want the same 3 dishes every Friday
  • Very good food, good packing, OK delivery time
  • Good
  • Include Saturday & Sunday
  • all food are good and delivery is so perfect good
  • all is nice
  • the worst food delievery ever! I ordered Cheeta Tiffon for 4 days, and every single of these 4 days my food was delievred late, foood was cold and the rotis were like stone. Very Dissapointing, never ever gonna use cheetay app ever again nor will I recommend it to anyone????. if there was an option for less than a star, o would have gone for 0 stars.
  • The Cheetay Tiffin: Weekly Plan 4 is wholesome & delicious. Besides healthy food, the Cheetay's admiring think is punctuality & Social Corporate Responsibility. Good to see a company using recyclable paper bags instead of filthy plastics. Hope Cheetay lives upto the positive service in the future too. Good Luck Cheetay!
  • my dinner should arrive by 7 pm but it comes by 9 pm. and i am unable to track or call my cheetah to make things worse.
  • 1st customised Tiffin chowmin delivered . Taste nice portion very small .
  • Saturday must be included
  • The Karhai was very delicious. It reminded me of the Karhai my mom makes. Excellent food quality. Your restaurant is a treat for guys like me who live away from home.
  • good taste. Good Timing Include saturday, it would be highly appreciated
  • Include Saturday then your deal will be interesting.
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The Cheetay Tiffin - The Best Lunch Meal Service in Lahore

What do you have for lunch at work? It's a very valid question isn’t it? We all try to bring homemade food to work but not everybody has the time and resources to bring lunch from home every day. There are ample reasons why you would prefer a home cooked meal instead. Wouldn’t you prefer a meal made exclusively from pure, organic and authentic ingredients which is unadulterated and isn’t a concoction of excessive spices, poor hygienic execution and neglect? We have all tried and quite often brought lunch from home but it isn’t that easy. You either have to get up very early to prepare it, or your mum has to put in a whole lot of effort to make it so you just end up dropping the whole idea altogether. But do not fear, The Cheetay Tiffin is here. We’re here to make sure you get the best of homemade food that is reasonably priced. The next time you’re at work and don’t know what to eat, order from The Cheetay Tiffin! The Tiffin meal service aims at providing all working professionals a clean and healthy home cooked meal at work which provides value for money. You can get to choose the menu items of your choice from the variety of options available for you.

Daily Tiffin Lunch Plan

Let us break it down for you. It’s fairly simple; we have a daily meal plan where you have 3 menu items at your disposal. The menu includes everything your heart desires, from Desi, Chinese, Italian and a whole lot more. You have options like Vegetable Pulao, Chicken Karahi, Chicken Qorma, Aloo Gosht, Palak Paneer, Sindhi Biryani, Chicken Chow Mein, Vegetable Spaghetti, Chicken Pasta, etc. In this plan you’ll get 3 dishes for an average price of PKR 200 each. The portions are hefty and enough to satisfy you. What you can do is let your co-workers tag along and share the meal with them. Ordering in groups and sharing the meal is a practical option in this case.

Weekly Tiffin Meal Plan

If you just want to order a single serving then you can opt for the weekly plan (Monday to Friday). Pre-ordering helps you in knowing what you’ll get in advance for the week. There are five dishes for each day along with Wheat Roti and Rice options depending on what the menu is. If you’re interested in a schedule that focuses on individual servings then you can choose a bundle of options e.g. Chicken Karahi with two Wheat Roti, Channa Chawal with Shami Kebab, Biryani, etc. From the array of dishes our vendors make, we assure you, you won’t get bored.

Pre-book your Order now

Since we get our food made from home vendors, we require the order to be placed in advance so that it can be prepared accordingly. Pre-ordering helps us plan and organise the preparation and delivery so that every individual gets the order of their choice fresh and on time. So if you’re interested in ordering lunch you can look up the menu displayed on the website. All you have to do is place the order before 10 AM to get your Daily Tiffin Lunch Plan the very same day, or between Friday 3 PM and Monday 10 AM for Weekly Tiffin Lunch Plans. We are meticulous in ensuring our vendors focus on quality, hygiene, taste and provide variety so that everyone can pick and choose a healthy menu that suits their desire and needs. Go to our website and order now!