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Manji Munch Restaurant in Lahore

With regards to food we hardly come across anything that’s creative. Sure, food at most places is the same and we’ve all tried almost everything these days. We hardly come across a place which is original, unconventional and quirky in its conception. We don’t see restaurants that offer you an experience rather than just food these days. Apart from the experience you need food to make it all worthwhile. You want for there to be a place which offers tea with a robust kick of caffeine or the most luxuriously smooth kashmiri chai. You need to have a hangout place where you can go and either have tea, eat snacks or just dinner!

Moreover, apart from tea you want there to be menu items you can munch on like Cheese naan, chicken cheese naan, mutton naan, nutella naan, etc. You want there to be snacks which can satisfy your evening cravings.

Well there is just the place! Manji munch offers you a diverse menu with a variety of different dishes and items for you to choose from. Not only do they have the best range of savory naans, their barbecue is also fresh, fragrant and authentically original. Apart from chicken tikkas and kebabs their karahis come with the option of being cooked in a decadent desi ghee gravy which is something you won’t be able to resist.

Biryaani bhi miltee hai idhar, jee haan aur nashta bhi! Before we forget, they offer the best breakfast menu you can think of like halwa poori, channay, nehari and hareesa. Heard enough! No no, we’re not done quite yet. They offer not just any burger you’ve had…. Yes wait for it….. Afghani Burgers! Yes you heard us. Their Tora bora chicken burger, special chicken and beef burgers again are worth trying.

Don’t worry if it’s too far away from you, we’re here to deliver your order at your doorstep, fresh and warm. All you need to do is go to our website or download our App and place the order. Do not underestimate the power of a cheetah!