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The Grill House Restaurant in Lahore

Everyone loves those lazy days spent indoors when the sun is scorching hot and not a soul is seen outside. Well guess what? Those hot, summer days are coming soon and you might want to stay indoors to stay cool. But that doesn’t mean you can’t eat from your favourite restaurant. You can still enjoy a spicy chicken pasta, Mexican fajita or tostada, a deluxe club sandwich, chicken lasagne or a beef steak. And you won’t even have to step outside to have all of this. Cheetay delivers all of this from all over Lahore, to wherever you may be in Lahore, all year long, rain or shine! So while you cool yourself indoors and stay hydrated, there’s no need to kill the craving for a delicious chicken shashlik or fish and chips. Instead, let cheetay bring your food to your doorstep. Ordering through the website and the cheetay app is very simple and you can even track your order.

Where better to order from then the Grill House in Lahore? They’ve got a large menu with a variety of steaks such as the stuffed chili steak, spicy Mexican steak, wild west American steak; or try something from their burger and sandwiches menu such as the ultimate cheese burger with a juicy beef patty or the spicy buffalo burger. Have we mentioned their list of appetizers? They’ve got chicken wings tossed in buffalo sauce, mozzarella cheese sticks, chicken quesadillas and much more. If that’s not enough to convince you to order from the Grill House, how about a try at their Italian menu which includes lasagna and pastas? Or their seafood menu which includes golden fried prawn, or something from their chicken entrees? You can even settle for just a simple hot & sour soup or the classic Caesar salad if you feel that’s enough for you. The Grill House in Lahore is your one stop restaurant for all your food cravings- and drinks too on a hot summery day! Even if you want to order just a cold coffee or a lemonade, cheetay riders will bring that to you. So don’t think twice- scroll up now to see The Grill House’s complete menu. Add items to the basket and place your order now through cheetay.