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Chinese Express Restaurant in Lahore

We grew up eating it. It was one of the few international cuisines available back in the days. Every fancy lunch and dinner dawaat was always hosted at a Chinese restaurant. It was the safest option, with ingredients and a cooking style similar to our own cuisine. It is still the safest option because it tastes just that good. We grew out of a lot of things from our childhood, like action figures and Yo-Yos, but we never grew out of our love for Chinese food. Instead it only grew stronger. Stronger as more and more Chinese restaurants opened all over Lahore, bringing with them an array of other south Asian cuisines too such as Thai food. Stronger as other types of cuisines frizzled out. Italian, continental etc. but Chinese cuisine carried on. There’s always something for someone at a Chinese restaurant. Whether it is egg fried rice with the classic chicken Manchurian, Chicken Chowmein with Sweet and Sour Chicken, Beef Chilli dry, Szechuan Prawn or just a steaming bowl of Chicken Corn Soup, everyone enjoys at a Chinese restaurant.

Chinese Food Lovers

With so many Chinese restaurants opening all over Lahore, it can become tough to sift the good ones from the bad ones. Chinese looks simple to make but the flavours are not so easily mastered. For example, what’s the perfect balance of pineapple juice to vinegar to get just the right punch for the sweet and sour sauce? See what we mean. You can’t just trust anybody to make your favourite Chinese gravy – you have to go to the experts. Experts like the Chinese Express in Lahore, for example. Experts who only specialize in Chinese and Thai food. Experts who have an extensive menu of Chinese appetizers, Chinese and Thai soups, Chinese and Thai curries and gravies and a variety of rice and noodles. You can try their most sought after menu items like mini drumsticks, dry beef chilli, Manchurian, egg fried rice and chicken in hot garlic sauce. Or you can try their other delicious items like spring rolls, chicken wings, wonton noodle soup, beef sweet and sour, orange chicken, chicken chilli dry, sweet and sour fish, Thai soup, prawns green curry, Thai chicken noodles and much more! There is even a vegetarian section if you like vegetables on the side so choose from sauted vegetables or spinach with oyster sauce and you are guaranteed to get delicious flavour. You really can’t go wrong with Chinese Express restaurant in Lahore.

Cheetay Delivers from Chinese Express

The only possible way you can go wrong is if you’re really craving Chinese Express’ Chicken Chow mein but are all the way in Johar Town. Or if you brave the traffic all the way from Mall Road to Defense to go to Chinese Express, only to find no table available and a long wait. Well fear not. Cheetay can make your life easier by bringing the food to you. It’s very simple order through the Cheetay website or the app and track your order as our riders zoom to bring your Chinese meal to you, hot and fresh. So tell us, kya chahiye?