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  • excellent fillet burgers

The Burger Hut Restaurant in Faisal Town, Lahore

It’s almost the end of the month and you have been savage with your salary. Now you have just enough left to satisfy your basic need that is food. But don’t let your ‘almost empty’ bank account dictate your life and fool you into eating average and non-delicious food. Food is the one thing in life that never lets anyone down. Food is everyone’s best friend. So always remember this: never let money come between you and your love for food. And to help you in maintaining your new life mantra, let us introduce you to a great fast food joint. Give it up for The Burger Hut. According to them, everything is cooked by proper food loving aficionados. And you know what they say, no one messes with the geeks. So just trust. And enjoy!

Awesome deals for when you’re low on cash

There are so many cash saving deals offered at The Burger Hut that you won’t run out of options. All deals are under four hundred rupees! How economical is that! Each of these deals are complete meals with a burger, French fries, and coleslaw. You can order a chicken patty burger, grill chicken burger, grill chicken with jalapeno, beef burger, spicy chicken burger, peri peri burger, or a BBQ burger. These tender cheese laden patties are drool worthy with crunchy lettuce and tangy sauces. If you want a deal without burger, get yourself deal six that comes with a filler steak. 

If not a burger, you can have a sandwich instead and choose between the grill fillet sandwich and the grill cheese booster sandwich. You have the option of choosing an assortment of delicious warps as well. The most popular being the peri peri stripy strip wrap. If you want to go the middle-eastern route, try the Burger Hut’s shawarmas. There is the grill chicken shawarma, peri peri shawarma, and the shawarma platter. Nicely grilled chicken pieces marinated in delicious spices and wrapped in the freshest pita bread, these shawarmas are very hard to put down.

So what’s the hold up? Order away!

Given the current traffic situation in the city, it becomes really annoying to travel for an hour just to eat. This is where we come in. If you live in DHA, Askari, Bahria Town, or any other area for that matter, you don’t need to travel anywhere for your food related needs. Visit Cheetay’s website or download the Cheetay app, and order from The Burger Hut without a care in the world.