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Thai Express Way Restaurant in Lahore

Have you ever faced the dilemma where you want to eat food that tastes really good but doesn’t cost you your entire month’s allowance? Or have you ever wanted to eat something other than desi or fast food that won’t cost a fortune? This happens with us all the time, and we are pretty sure you face this problem too. But don’t worry, this is not going to be an issue anymore. Since Thai Express Way is the place we have all been looking for! It serves great Thai food for prices low enough for you to not break your bank. You will also be getting a break from the boring old food you eat every single day.

Best Thai food in town

We’re not even joking. Thai Express Way makes sure that the authentic Thai food flavour doesn’t get lost anywhere, so you can experience the real Thai cuisine in all its glory. Their menu has a variety of dishes so it will probably take you some time to decide what to order. Mostly because you will want to try everything. This is the perfect restaurant for when you and your friends not only want delicious food but are also starved for choice.

Some of the dishes in the Main Course are red curry, fried rice, green curry, general thai, stir fry in chicken, fish, prawns, or veggies, thai sesame, pad thai, pad sew, thai cashew nut, thai mint chilli, and thai sweet chilli. All of these items are available in five different options i-e chicken, fish, vegetables, beef, and prawns.

If you want something even more spectacular, order from the Chef’s Recommendations menu. You have the option to get thai tiger prawns, prawn tempura, thai fish and chips, chicken chilli dry, and thai chicken lemon chilli.

Everything on the menu has the perfect balance of flavours with a spicy edge. When the food reaches your table, you will forget about everything else as the powerful aroma takes you to an entirely different place.

Try the deals for even more savings

If you are a student and want to have a very economical lunch, then Thai Express Way has some scrumptious deals for you. The Student Deal 1 has two pieces prawn toasts, one piece drumstick along with soup of the day. The Student Deal 2 has four pieces honey wings and soup of the day.

Ready to place your order?

Do you need any more proof that your next lunch order should be from Thai Express Way? Well then hurry up and decide what you want to eat. You don’t even need to go all the way to Gulberg if you want some Thai food. Cheetay will deliver everything right at your doorstep. All you need to do is visit Cheetay’s website or download the Android/IOS app, and you’re good to go.