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Tao Yuan Chinese Food is Available on Cheetay

Are you a Chinese food fan? Taoyuan Chinese Restaurant has sour, sweet and savoury dishes that can be relished at any location that you like. All you have to do is order to get its delivery from Cheetay.

Tao Yuan Chinese Menu is at Your Service

For appetizers, you can get Special Hot and Sour Soup consisting of a spicy chicken broth with vinegar added to finish off with a sour taste. If you like the Cantonese- styled Chicken Shrimp Mushroom Egg Flower Soup, then have a bowl full of mushrooms, chicken pieces, shrimps and flower shaped egg in it. Another appetizer worth drooling over is Fried Chicken Drum Sticks. You can order six of these together and enjoy a meaty meal beginning.

For the main meal a bowl of sour Chicken Manchurian, spicy Chicken Chili Dry or peppery Black Pepper Chicken and Chilies. Eat them with Egg Fried Rice or the Tao Yuan Special Fried Rice and you will be overjoyed. A plateful of Chicken Fried Rice is appetizing to eat. But, if you are a fan of noodles then, get Tao Yuan Restaurant delivery for Chicken Chow Mein.

So, order from Cheetay now and relish!