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  • food was not of that quality which was required due to the name of this place

Tabaq Restaurant, MM Alam road, Gulberg, Lahore

Tabaq is a family restaurant that came into existence in 1976, and the first branch was located at Lakshmi Chowk, Lahore. So you can imagine what an eatery with 41 years of experience can bring with it. Tabaq is a household name amongst Lahoris, with a massive fan following. People who used to visit them at Lakshmi chowk still visit their other branches too. Not just Lahoris, but people from other cities of Pakistan are also well aware of this name.

The exquisite Desi Menu

They serve one of the best desi dishes in Lahore with a great variety. Some of their most popular dishes include the chargha, chicken steam roast, shami kebab, and mutton joint steam. We cannot emphasize enough how perfect the chargha and steam roast is! You haven’t lived if you haven’t tried it yet. We are not exaggerating. Also, their roghni naan is a must try. You can eat it alone or with a dish of your choosing.

Besides these dishes, there is a lot more that is served. The chicken handi, chicken achari handi, chicken karahi, chicken tikka masala, and the battair masala are just some of the items on the menu. Everyone should at least try them once in their life to get a true essence of desi food. The mutton cuisines are also worth a mention.

Everything on their menu speaks of the quality that they offer. Tabaq is not even crazy expensive so that it won’t hurt your pocket. The quantity being served is very generous if compared with the price. It is safe to say that the money spent on their food will be worth your while.

If you are not into desi food, they also have Continental and Chinese food options on their menu. The chicken cashew nuts and chicken Manchurian from the Chinese menu are finger licking good.

Family Time

The word Tabaq says it all. It is an Arabic word meaning “a big plate in which people can eat together.” So do invite your family over and order all the deliciousness that Tabaq has to offer. Make those Eid gatherings even more special and memorable by ordering some of the most popular dishes. You will most definitely become famous for being an excellent host from amongst your family.

I am sure you are already halfway through ordering from Tabaq from the Cheetay app or website. So we are not going to take any more of your time, and let you order your food in peace.