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Sweet Affairs in Lahore Now Delivers through Cheetay!

We really don’t have proper dessert and confectionery places which specialize in desserts and everything sweet.  There are places now that do focus on desserts, but again there are hardly enough eateries where you can have gourmet desserts. The disadvantage of being just a dessert bar is that people mostly prefer to have desserts or something sweet after having lunch, dinner, a light snack or primarily with tea. Wouldn’t it be best if you were to have a hearty meal and then have the best dessert imaginable?

We all love desserts and when you have a dinner at home, and you want a quick fix because not everyone has the time or resources to make the best dessert in the wink of an eye. What we make at home or at least try to, always turn out to be mediocre because if you’re a novice or are trying for the first time, the outcome isn’t what we can call pleasant or even palatable.

What you make at home basically pales in comparison to the real deserts you can have at a proper restaurant. What names come to your mind when you think of desserts? Well one of them surely is Sweet Affairs. Their decadent menu will make you drool over what they have in store for you. Their specialties include Ferrero Rocher molten cake, chocolate chip cookie skillet, molten cake, mars cheesecake, caramel bread pudding and a whole lot more. Apart from their desserts, they have an array of milkshakes like crazy snickers, oreo and Nutella, salted caramel, wild vanilla shake and others. Their dessert menu is extensive in the sense that they serve Chairoti which is a gourmet rendition of mixed tea. Tea that is perfectly brewed in milk, making it lusciously smooth, with this you get a deliciously light bun with a buttery center to have with your simmering hot cup of tea. What’s best is that you have variety in this option such as flavoured chairoti, nutella chairoti and chairoti combos.

They have the best gelato in town with the choicest flavour for you to choose from such as raspberry, bounty, snickers, Ferrero Rocher, pistachio, dolce latte, cheesecake, etc. Well, we’re not done yet. Their menu has eclectic drinks called cold sips where you can have caramel frappachino, coconut smoothie, passionfruit soda, mint chocolate mocha, peach mocktail and others. If you’re in the mood to try something even better, they have smoothies to ensure you get your dose of luscious sugary beverages.

Their vast savoury menu again is worth trying since their thin crust brick oven pizzas are to die for. Their jalapeno chicken, sandwiches, tartines, braised roast chicken, teriyaki fish and classic slow-cooked shank roast is a must have. Itna tou parh kay bhook tou zaroor lagi ho gi? Nahee? Well, we thought so. Now all you have to do is log onto our website and place your order. Or you can download our App and order whatever you feel like having. Wherever you live in Lahore, and yes no matter how far away you live, we will be there to deliver your order, hot and fresh, just the way you like it.

Drooling over the Sweet Affairs savoury and sweet menu? Well, it is definitely worth it! Whether it is the rich Ferrero Rocher Molten Cake or a thin crust brick oven pizza, every dish has an exceptional taste. Now that all dishes from Sweet Affairs are available on Cheetay, you can opt for the combination that you would want to have and feast on it.

Sweet Affairs’ Appetizing Menu

Sweet Affairs’ sweets treat majorly consist of the rich Ferrero Rocher Molten Cake, warm Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet, melting Molten Cake, soft Mars Cheesecake and salted Caramel Bread Pudding. Apart from these, it also has an array of milkshakes and gelatos with a variety of flavours such as Raspberry, Bounty, Snickers, Ferrero Rocher, Pistachio, Dolce Latte and Cheesecake. The restaurant also serves eclectic drinks called the cold sips. These majorly include Caramel Frappachino, Coconut Smoothie, Passionfruit Soda, Mint Chocolate Mocha and Peach Mocktail.

The savoury menu has thin crust brick-oven pizzas, sandwiches, tartines, braised roast chicken, teriyaki fish and classic slow-cooked shank roast. You can get a Sweet Affairs delivery in Lahore for Jalapeno flavoured Noodles and Ricebowls as well. If you like Thai Food, then a Thai Coconut Chicken is a must-eat dish.

So, let your carvings out and order for a Sweet Affairs home delivery on Cheetay now!