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  • Yummy Shawarmas and my go to one ????

Sultan Shawarma Now Delivers Through Cheetay!

Chunks of garlicky, tender and luscious meats, cooked with perfectly balanced spices, wrapped in pita bread is a tempting option for lunch/dinner. Sultan Shawarma has the perfect recipe for you! Now that it is available at Cheetay, you have a variety to choose from.

Sultan Shawarma’s Appetizing Menu

Choose a Regular Shawarma Wrap full of chicken pieces and crunchy, fresh salad. If it is not enough to satiate your hunger then get a Shawarma Platter. This has marinated barbequed chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and mayonnaise placed on top of a toasted pita bread. You can also select Sultan Shawarma’s signature wrap, the Tortilla Durum if you desire to taste this restaurant’s signature sauces. For this the chicken is slowly cooked on a Rotisserie and its thin slices shaven off. These are then mixed with vinegar dipped vegetables and put together in a Tortilla Bread. You can also order a Quesadilla that has tenderized chicken, vegetables and cheese enveloped in a Half-Moon Shaped pita bread. A fan of beef can order Mera Sultan Wrap packaged deliciously for irrepressible hunger.

Besides all this, the restaurant also offers crispy Curly Fries that are salted to taste and Fries with Garlic Mayo Sauce.

So, get your favourite dish with the sides that you desire from Sultan Shawarma at Cheetay!