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Submarine Restaurant in Lahore

Are you tired of making sandwiches for your man? Are you looking for a cool new sandwich bar? Are you a lazy human who asks others to make you sandwiches? OR, are you like Joey Tribbiani and would do anything for a scrumptious sandwich? All of you, look no further, because Submarine is here! Whether you are looking for a sandwich, burger or a classic Italian panini, Submarine has got everything. They use the freshest of ingredients to provide you with the very best sandwiches in town. So if you don’t feel like eating daal chawal that your mom made, or if you are just looking for a mid-night snack, order right away from Submarine.

The subs and salads menu

There is ample variety in subs and salads. Chicken, beef, or vegetable? Everything is right here! You can get tuna melt, beef cheese steak, grilled chicken steak, roasted chicken breast, slice chicken, chicken BBQ, chicken tarraki, and chicken fajita. For those of you who are weight watchers, the garden veggi sandwich is a great choice as it is low in fat. All sandwiches are available in six and twelve inches. Order for yourself and all your friends, and enjoy great sandwiches!

Want a panini instead of the regular sandwich? Come on in

Submarine’s signature panini is perfectly handcrafted keeping in mind its true Italian origin. You can choose from a variety of different options like the philly beef steak panini, hot jalapeno chicken steak, chicken peri peri, chicken fajita, and chicken tikka panini. Each of these Paninis are well loved because of the flawlessly baked bread.

Burgers are not to be missed too

Because they are a little too good! Wrapped in the freshest of buns and topped with melted cheese and crunchy salad, every burger available has its own unique taste. The original beef patty burger is every beef lover’s dream come true. This is the most succulent patty that you will try. For those who prefer chicken over beef, grill chicken patty is the one for you. There is a third option for your kids as well. The kids’ spicy kitchen burger will be your child’s new favourite.

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