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Chinese Food For Everyone

There are very few things in life that everyone enjoys – good weather, Pakistan cricket team’s victory against India, justice being served and a deliciously cooked meal after a long tiring day, to name just a few. But everyone’s preference of a delicious meal is different – some will eat biryani while others will enjoy a burger. Then there are those who will skip the main course altogether and go straight for dessert. And while there are hundreds of different preferences of food and cuisine per person, there is always that one thing that everyone enjoys and can agree on together: Chinese food is the best. It is the ultimate food for a dinner date or a lunch meeting. There’s always something for everyone to enjoy – from rice to noodles, beef to chicken gravies, and sweet to sour flavours. It’s such a popular choice in Pakistan that it is no surprise there are so many Chinese restaurants across the city – each offering a variety in their taste.

Sichuan Restaurant Lahore

Sichuan Restaurant in Lahore is just one of the many Chinese restaurants across the city. It offers delicious soups, chop sueys, chicken beef curries, rice and noodles and so much more. It may be the typical menu but their tastes and flavours are unique and quite the treat for your palette. They’ve got the popular dishes such as Kung Pao chicken, chicken shashlik, special fried rice, chow mein, beef Manchurian and much more. But if you’re looking for something different, something that only Sichuan offers then we’ve got a whole list of things for you to try! You can opt for their Sichuan special beef, fried beef with green chillies, bell pepper prawns, chicken oyster sauce vegetables, prawn chow mein, mutton fried rice, special noodles soup in Sichuan soup, Sichuan special wings, fried fish cutlets and wings, prawn ginger and so much more. Their menu is much more extensive than this so scroll through it and let your appetite come alive. Once it does, you can kill those hunger pangs with a delicious Chinese meal that is unlike any other Chinese restaurant in Lahore.

Delivery from Sichuan Restaurant in Lahore

Chinese restaurants remain one of the most popular choices for a wedding daawat, a formal lunch or dinner. They’ve got that class and elegance in the food that no other restaurant or cuisine serves. A Chinese dine-in experience is always different. But sometimes, you don’t want to eat out. You want to host a grand dinner party in the comfort of your home but with a fancy Chinese catering menu from outside. For days like those, save your breath as you play host at home and leave it to Cheetay to deliver your Chinese takeout order fresh to you and your guests. Cheetay will make sure your food reaches in time for dinner while you entertain your guests. Ordering through Cheetay is very simple – place the order through our website or the Cheetay app and track your order as it reaches you. So tell us, kya chahiye?