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Shehan Shah Restaurant in Lahore

Since Lahore is considered a heaven for all foodies, we are always on the lookout for standout eateries. Especially in the desi food domain because desi food is every Pakistanis eternal love. No matter how many international cuisine restaurants spring up, none can replace the glorious desi khana. The beautiful blend of spices is what truly speaks to our hearts and comforts our soul because our life is incomplete without some mirch masala. Even the heartiest of steaks or the juiciest of burgers will never be able to satisfy our appetite that was made for some sizzling chicken karahi or seekh kebabs. So to serve our desi hearts, we have found the perfect place. This place is none other than the Shehan Shah restaurant. The menu is complete with bold flavours and indigenous ingredients.

The ravishing menu at Shehan Shah

If you are like us and love some karahi for lunch or dinner time, then this menu is something you will appreciate. Absolutely mouth-watering karahis that you got to taste to believe it. The perfect balance of aromatic spices and herbs with soft chicken pieces makes Shehan Shah’s karahis absolutely delish. You can get the simple chicken karahi, chicken sarhadi karahi, chicken achari karahi, chicken boneless achari, chicken boneless Mughlai, mutton hara masala, mutton karahi, mutton boneless makhni, and so many other variations. So whatever your preference, you will find it on this menu.

Moving on to the tawa menu, there are an assortment of dishes that you can devour like the special chicken tawa breast, brain masala, gurda kapura, gurda masala, chicken makhni, mutton makhni, and several others. Alongside these dishes, you have other options too like the BBQ menu, burgers and sandwiches, paratha rolls, Chinese, rice, vegetables, and shawarmas. So it’s not limited to desi khana alone, which means even if your friends want something other than tikkas and botis, you can still order from Shehan Shah restaurant.

Don’t fret if it’s too far away

Since Shehan Shan is located near airport road, it is not convenient for everyone to go there easily. Especially for those who live in areas like Wapda Town or Bahria Town, but you don’t need to worry about the distance. This is where Cheetay comes in. You just have to place the order either through Cheetay’s website or through the app, and we will deliver your food in a jiffy.