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  • Great food
  • worst steak burger. undercooked chicken. smelly sauce
  • Avesome Tacos & Pasta
  • i liked your burgers thumbs up
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Seriously Saucy in Lahore is Now Accessible Through Cheetay

Looking for a spicy Mexican cuisine to order for lunch or dinner? Seriously Saucy has foods full of seasoned meats and vegetables to create the right Mexican flavours. You can choose from tacos to burritos and tortillas with salsa, jalapenos, onions, sweet corn and much more! So, order through Cheetay and indulge into some seriously saucy food!

Mexican Cuisine to Fulfil your Cravings for Spicy Food

If you like a blend of onions, lime, garlic, chili powder and herbs in your food then Seriously Saucy has a menu that fits your appetite. Get hard shell Tacos filled with fresh red cabbage, lettuce, melted cheese, marinated beef or chicken. To give it a pure Mexican touch, Pico De Gallo, made with chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapenos, lemon juice and salt is added. The Mexican Schnitzel is another item on the menu at Cheetay to have. The pounded beef or chicken is golden fried and garnished with lettuce, tomatoes and jalapenos. Order Mexican Burrito too and enjoy grilled chicken or beef with melted cheese, salsa and sweet corn.

Seriously Saucy’s Menu Offering Italian Food Deals too!

Seriously Saucy has Buttermilk Fried Burger with buttermilk marinated chicken and lettuce layered between the buns. You can also have Beef Patty Burger or Beef Duo Burger filled with lettuce, tomatoes, onion and a special beef sauce. Have this with masala or salted fries to complete the meal. If you like Italian food, then order Alfredo Pasta along with any of these to make it a deal. So, order online and devour your favourites!