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Salt And Pepper Restaurant In Lahore, Pakistan

Sometimes you’re on a tight budget and when you’re out with your friends you don’t want to spend too much on a good meal. Most restaurants take a toll on your pocket aur aap kanghaal ho jatay hain. No matter how good the food may be aap ki jaib khalee tou ho kay he rahay ge! So you’re on the lookout to eat something which is fantastic and yet doesn’t snatch considerable cash from your pocket.

We always think of very high end places to have the most scrumptiously moist and tender steak which comes out sizzling or the best stuffed chicken breast with cheese which is hefty enough to satisfy your hunger. Sometimes you want to eat a dish which leaves out the unnecessary level of pretension which makes your dish a tad bit too high end, pretentious and hardly. You don’t want a stuffed chicken piece where there is hardly any chicken which is entirely covered with crust with no traces of cheese and any stuffing.

Aur yarr acahay club sandwich kay leyay kon hazaaroon rupay kharchay aab. You just want to have a king sized sandwich that has the right amount of every ingredient. A smooth and creamy chicken spread covered by tomatoes, lettuce, eggs and cheese. Not to mention a hefty amount of French fries.

Whether you’re in the mood for burgers, spicy Buffalo wings or sandwiches or if you want to have a good dose of desi the best place to go is Salt n Pepper. Its authentic recipes are so well known that people still crave to have their specialties and flock to eat them. Be part of the flock, go to our website and place your order. No need to go out and eat. If you’re with your family or friends and not in the mood to go out and just want to eat well. All you need to do is place your order and it’ll be delivered to you in a jiffy. So order now!