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  • Not tooo bad its ok
  • Very tasty chanay.
  • Rubbish. Delivered wrong order
  • best nashta ....
  • Bakwas and Fazool. Lassi me sy smell aa rahi thi.
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Sadiq Halwa Puri Restaurant in Lahore

Is it Sunday yet? We are asking because we want halwa puri ASAP! But obviously, there are no rules here. Since who can tell us when to have our halwa puri? NO ONE! We don’t like it when people tell us what to do. Our conversation on halwa puri is incomplete without the mention of the greatest and oldest halwa puri place in Lahore. This place is none other than Sadiq Halwa Puri. Sadiq Halwa Puri ages back to 1880 when it started off but after independence they relocated and shifted to Lahore. So this place is the pioneer of halwa puri in Pakistan. If you haven’t had halwa puri from Sadiq, you should stop what you’re doing right now and order it immediately.

Everything on the menu is on top of its game

This halwa is like heaven in your month. The taste of Sadiq’s halwa is distinct from the hundred other halwa puri shops in the city. It’s a clear winner among the masses. When you take a bite you can feel the lusciously smooth texture on your palette that has the perfect level of sweetness. The halwa melts right in your mouth as soon as you taste it because it is as smooth as silk. And the secret ingredient is desi ghee. Yes, everything at Sadiq Halwa Puri is made from desi ghee. If you prefer an even rich halwa, get the special khoye wala halwa. You can get a desi atta pura and the meetha pura. The channay and aalu that come with this halwa puri are also divine and will make you forget about all other curries. Apart from halwa puri, you can also get a plain tikka, special katlama, chicken katlama, and mutton katlama. To top it all off, you can get a refreshing glass of lassi. And there you have it folks, the complete halwa puri experience provided by Sadiq Halwa Puri. You can live in peace now.

Let us help you

You would have probably understood by now that Sadiq Halwa Puri is no ordinary place. And every day, hundreds of people travel from far off areas and wait in long queues just to feel what it’s like to taste the best halwa puri in town. But worry not. You don’t have to do any of that. Why? Because you’ve got us. We at Cheetay truly care about our customers so we take it upon ourselves to ensure you have all the right information to make all the delicious about what to order and whatever you’re in the mood for. Don’t believe us? Just give us a try and you’ll be a fan. All you have to do is visit Cheetay’s website or download the Cheetay app. Order this heavenly halwa puri from Sadiq Halwa Puri and wait while it reaches you hot and fresh.