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Chinese Food Of The Rice Bowl For All

As a kid, the first time you went out to eat at a nice restaurant with family was probably a Chinese restaurant. It was the perfect outing because there was something for everyone to enjoy and who really says no to noodles and soup? No matter how many restaurants have opened since then offering all sorts of international cuisines, nothing beats good old Chinese food. And with so many Chinese restaurants popping up everywhere, the menu is getting not just bigger but better now so you don’t have to go to the only Chinese restaurant that you went to growing up.

Word’s on the street, Rice Bowl restaurant in Lahore is the new rave in Chinese cuisine. If you’ve been there, you know how perfectly proportioned their servings are as well as their sides. Their mouth-watering chicken chowmein and fried rice topped with your favorite gravy is definitely going to leave you craving for more. Of course, we know the struggles of finding a table at your favorite restaurant usually takes forever. So if you choose Rice Bowl for an office lunch or a friends get together, order through cheetay and leave it to us to deliver your food warm. Whether it’s Rice Bowl’s chicken chilli dry, their famous special crispy beef or their fish in dragon fire sauce (if you like living on the edge), Cheetay will deliver whatever you want wherever you are. And with the cheetay app, placing an order is even easier! So download the app now and order away.