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Quiznos Sub Restaurant in Lahore

There comes a time when your body starts begging you to slow down a bit and show some mercy because we tend to gobble up whatever we get our hands on. You then realise it’s time to start eating some light and healthy meals that won’t clog our arteries. Go for a walk in the park, pack a nice sandwich, breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the weather while you’re out. It is really important to take care of yourself because we can't keep cramming our system with deep fried and unhealthy food. For this we have the perfect restaurant in mind for you. It’s Quiznos Sub! This is our favourite place to get wholesome sandwiches when we feel bad after on munching oil drenched food.

If you are a man reading this: You don’t need no woman for a sandwich

Because Quiznos will make you the best sandwich ever. You can choose from an assortment of different sandwiches prepared by pro sandwich makers! What more do you want from life?

If you want to order from the Chicken Subs Menu, you can select from several available options. For instance the chicken carbonara, baja chicken, fajita chicken, tikka chicken, terriyaki chicken, and honey mustard chicken. Each of these has tender pieces of deliciously marinated chicken, great amalgamation of sauces, and freshly toasted bread. All the ingredients are screaming deliciousness! In the Deli Sub menu, there is the classic Italian sub, the traditional sub, tuna sub, and veggie deluxe.

If you are into salads and wraps, then you are in for a scrumptious ride. The chicken Caesar salad, honey mustard chicken salad, chicken carbonara salad are all so appetising and crunchy that eating salad won’t seem like a chore anymore. The wraps are also very flavoursome and you can choose from the chicken Caesar wrap and chicken carbonara wrap.

Satisfy your thirst with some great drinks

At Quiznos sub, there is also an array of beverages available to suit all your moods. If you are in for a hot drink, get yourself a nice cup of coffee, tea or maybe some hot chocolate. Whether you are a fan of cappuccino, frappuccino, espresso, mocha, latte, or cold coffee, you can get all this from here. But if you prefer fresh juices, then get yourself a lemonade, pulpy orange juice, or a fresh orange juice.

We are sure your motivation level have gone up and you want some non-greasy, healthy, and delicious food right away. So for the fastest delivery from Quiznos sub, visit Cheetay’s website or download the Cheetay app and just wait for our Cheetahs. Order some delicious sandwiches and salads and munch away.