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Quik Fried Chicken Pizza Restaurant

Are you in the mood for fried food heaven? Do you feel like having fried chicken which isn’t very expensive? Or a chicken burger with the crispiest crust ever and with chicken so tender and juicy that you just won’t be able to stop? So yes we all have KFC and McDonalds more often than not but are you the adventurous sort who likes to try new things? Are you?

I mean what is life if you aren’t open to trying new things and experiences instead of sticking to the safest options one can come across. Why shouldn’t you be different and not conform to the rules and norms set by society and people in general? Bhai aap jo chatay ho woh hi karo! So yes you can always try new things. So whenever you’re in the mood for good quality fried chicken which is relatively cheap and gives you value for money you can always order from Quick Fried Chicken and Pizza Restaurant.

Not only do they have fried chicken on their menu, they boast an array of options such as chicken burgers, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, salads and pizza. Yes you heard us; they also have pizzas on their menu. If you want to have a good old pizza, just browse through their menu. Oh you won’t be disappointed by the array of choices they have. They also have desi pizza options on their menu like achari pizza, chicken chapli pizza and a host of other options with pepperoni, sausages, etc.

Whenever you’re in the mood to have pizza and fried chicken which doesn’t leave you broke after you’ve had it, order from Quick Fried Chicken and Pizza Restaurant. Our cheetahs will instantly deliver your order from the nearest branch so go to our website or download our App for a convenient way to place your order. Jaldi karain! We’ll be there.