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Qubail Restaurant’s Incredible Tribal Tastes Available at Cheetay!

Are you a foodie with a flair for tribal tastes and textures? If you are, then Qabail restaurant can turn out to be your eatery for the day! Its tangy and meaty Chapli Kebab, Charcoaled Chicken Sajji with savory Kabuli Pulao, Buttery Chicken Makhni, deliciously intimidating Palak Paneer and spicy White Lamb Karahi promises to become your perfect lunch or dinner. What’s more is its fleshly made Gulab Jamun dipped in the warm sugary syrup or nutty firni ready to complete your meal! Is this making you salivate? If it is, then know that this fresh food is on Qabail Restaurant’s menu at webstore and android app.

Full Course meals at Qubail Restaurant’s menu

A three-course meal of Desi food does not only consist of main course according to the menu. You can start with the appetizers that consist of Qabaili Special Chicken Yakhni and Qabaili Special Mutton Yakhni along with Hot ‘n Sour Soup and Chicken Corn Soup. Right after you choose these online, your main meal has tons of options - from Rosh, Dumpukht, Dumba Karahi, Seekh Namkeen Mutton Tikka, White Lamb Shinwari Karahi and Chicken Karahi Namkeen to Chicken Karahi; Rajasthani Handi; Chicken Jalfrezi; Chicken Ginger; Chicken Tawa Masala, Qabail Desi Murgh and Afghani Desi Murgh. So, whether you are in a mood to have traditional or Mughal styled food, order either chili or biting and zesty delicious dishes from Qabail restaurant.

To have a variety on your table, you can either order a variety of B.B.Q or mutton with beef and/or chicken along with other dishes too! Choose either a spicy Mutton Karahi, Mutton Boneless Handi, or a charcoaled Tawa Mutton Qeema and Mutton Brain Masala. Of course, you will want naans from the tandoor to enjoy it better. Get the round Uzbaki naan that looks like a giant bagel/pizza crust or the Kandhari Naan that has pistachios and almonds sprinkled on it. Other delicious naans consist of Irani Naan, Shahenshahi Naan, Peshawari Naan, Roghni Naan, Sada Roti, Garlic Naan, Kalonji Naan and Qabail Special Naan. However, if you want prefer rice more than naans then the aromatic simple Kabuli Pulao or Kabuli Pulao with Mutton/Chicken is an interesting option. If you want food to be spicier then opt for a hot Chicken or Mutton Biryani.

Desi Desserts at Qubail Restaurant Lahore

A meal without a dessert is like a movie with an abrupt end. Qabail Restaurant offers you Kulfa ice cream sprinkled with nuts, Firni - a yummy rice dessert and Kheer, warm Multani Sohan Halwa and sweet Gajar Ka Halwa. These made by expert chefs is made to make you crave for more. So, order a dessert separately or with your main meal from Cheetay and enjoy!

Get Quabail Restaurant Buffet delivered at your location!

Throw a party and get some platters already made for you. If you want to set your food menu for four or more people then get a full platter that consist of Dumpukht, Balochi Sajji, Chapli Kebab, Kabuli Pulao, Chicken Pieces, Chicken Seekh Kebab, Namkeen Tikka Seekh, Chicken Afghani Tikka and Chicken Boti served with Shahenshahi Naan, Raita, Salad and Multani Sohan Halwa. For two people if a single dish is not enough or they are craving a mix of all then this platter can be halved and enjoyed either over lunch or dinner.

A meal is fun with those around you and ordering a meal is even more fascinating when it is done together with your peers and acquaintances. So, to enjoy the activity of ordering-in click on to and make your delivery a special occasion!