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Punjab Grill Restaurant in Lahore

Punjab Grill Restaurant in Lahore

Isn’t it weird how we’re all in a love-hate relationship with desi food? There are days when we want nothing to do with it because of some crazy diet that we are following, but then there are days where we would do anything for a sizzling mutton karahi with some piping hot tandoor ki roti or a desi ghee ka paratha and minty fresh raita. On such days when the love for desi food reaches an all-time high, we want to eat from the best restaurant in the city. A restaurant where taste is a priority. This is when we prefer to eat at Punjab Grill kyunke khanay ka koi mazaak nahin. They take taste very seriously so next time when you have that insane desi food craving, just order from Punjab Grill.

Khanay mey kya hai?

Khanay mey bohat kuch hai! Since Punjab Grills’ menu is truly impressive. There is Bar BQ, baryani, their special handi and karahi, Chinese food, rolls, tawa, and salads. Let us get spoiled for choice and eat at Punjab Grill.

Starting with their Bar BQ menu. All those grilled tikkas and botis will wow you for sure. You have options like chicken pieces, chicken reshmi kebab, gola kebab, beef seekh kebab, mutton seekh kebab, mutton afghani kebab, afghani boti, and so much more. Something for everyone.

Their Baryani is a favourite among many because it is so aromatic and flavourful that you will forget about all other baryanis. The luscious rice and soft pieces of chicken garnished with fresh coriander and sliced ginger will completely spell-bind you.

Moving on to the handis and karahis, you can try chicken boneless handi, Mughlai handi, chicken boneless achari handi, chicken and mutton karahi, mutton achari karahi, and several others. Take a bite of the garma garam tandoor ki roti with the spicy and melt in your mouth chicken or mutton karahi, and you will know what real food tastes like. The Chinese cuisine at Punjab Grill is worth a try. You can order what your heart desires like chicken chilli dry, chicken black pepper, chicken shashlik, Manchurian, drum sticks, and egg or chicken fried rice.

Order now from Punjab Grill through Cheetay

Since Punjab Grill is located in DHA, it might not be easy for everyone to go there whenever you’re craving to have desi food. Especially for those residing in Johar Town, Wapda Town and other far off areas. The traffic alone is overwhelming. So to make your life easy, Cheetay is at your service. Just order your favourite dish through the Cheetay app or website and relax. Your food will reach you shortly.