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Pranzo Cena Restaurant in Lahore!

Don’t be fooled, is ka John Cena say koi taaluq nahee hai. Don’t think you’ll get your order being served by a prancing John Cena or anything of the sort.  Now that we have cleared the air, eating good quality food with the best menu items and a variety of delectable options is what we all want. There needs to a be a proper fast food diner sort of a place that serves everything, from burgers to steaks, peri peri grilled chicken, pizzas, milk shakes, chicken wings and more. Everyone wants or has a specific go to place which has the best fast food and instant menu items.

We all go out with friends and have a specific place where you love everything on the menu. You want there to be everything like instant crispy chicken burgers, chicken nuggets, milk shakes, wings and unbelievably delicious pizzas. Moreover, it won’t hurt if the menu has a litany of pizza options and choices as well. Not just a few choices but an assortment of options like chicken tikka, chicken fajita, peperoni, chicken achari, chicken supreme pizza and a whole lot more.

So if you have friends over and want to rely on a single restaurant to cater to all your culinary requirements and binge fests then Pranzo Cena is highly recommended. We’ve already talked a bit about the menu here but if you’re a bit health conscious and don’t want to consume just junk food, you have other menu options like chicken and beef steaks which will make sure your diet isn’t disturbed. Again there are other choices for you as well. Like we said before, you’ll get the best fast food experience here with reasonable prices. You can order their version of grilled chicken with peri peri sauce and an array of delicious side orders like Bbq fries, masala fries, Rice and Spice, etc.

For a good night out with your buddies or if you want to gorge down as much as you can on a cheat day, the best option again is Pranzo Cena. They boast an opulent menu with a variety of items to make you salivate. There’s a BUT here, yes we said but, their outlet is at Bhata Chowk and we know not many would willingly want to tread to such a far off place! So if you live in Cantt, Model Town, Johar Town, Wapda Town, etc it isn’t something you would prefer. The downside is that you will be missing out on the food you could have had just because it’s too far.

Never fear Cheetay is here! So consider your problem solved. We deliver throughout Lahore even if you live on Bedian Road! Get the picture. So whenever you feel like having their food but can’t go because it’s way too out of the way. We will deliver your order for you, hot and fresh. Just download our App or go to our website and place your order. It’s that simple.