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Food that Everyone Loves

That’s right - you read that right. There are certain meals that everyone loves - shawarmas, fries, wings, Chinese, steaks, burgers, sandwiches, pastas and much more. We love these meals and snacks so much that sometimes, it becomes hard to decide what exactly to eat. Do you go to an all burger place? But what if by the time you get there, you change your mind and decide you want wings instead? Or a friend accompanying you only wants steak so now you have to find a place that serves both wings and steaks but burgers as well just in case your mind changes yet again. Or what if your friend suddenly changes their mind too and now they want pasta and they want it cheap, nothing too expensive. Quite a few dilemmas, aren’t there? Well, don’t fret. You can find all your favourite preferences in one place and then decide what you want to eat because you never know when the heart changes what it desires.

Potato Den in Lahore

Potato Den in Lahore is one of the many cafes in Lahore you can go to if you don’t know what exactly you want to eat but will decide on the spot. It’s one of those cafes that has an extensive menu so if you’re confused or double minded between shawarma and pasta, steak or burger, you can decide when you reach there. The best part is, Potato Den has your favourite dishes for very economical prices so while the meal is filling and heavy on the stomach, it’ll be light on your pocket. Trust us, your wallet will thank you for it. They’ve got club sandwiches, buffalo wings, garlic mayo wings, fish burger, penne pasta, jalapeno cheese fries, mushroom steak, black pepper steak, chicken manchurian and chicken shashlik, chicken biryani, hummus, soups and so much more for very reasonable prices. So whether you’re craving a heavy lunch at work or a light snack during a long drive with your friends, Potato Den is the right place for you.

Delivery from Potato Den in Lahore

Potato Den’s spicy alfredo pasta, cheese fries, club sandwich or chicken Manchurian is worth the tiring journey all the way to Defense Phase 2, Ghazi Road. Sure, the traffic is crazy and the it’ll take you forever but the food is always worth it in the end, isn’t it? Okay maybe not every single time. It would suck for you to waste an hour of travelling all the way from Johar Town to Defense to grab your favourite steak from Potato Den only to find out they are out of steaks or when you order just a plate of fries, there’s a forty-five minute wait. Suddenly, the frustration and the hunger pangs are not worth it so much. But still, we know how to make it worth your money and time. Simply order through Cheetay. Let the Cheetay riders deal with the frustration of braving the traffic, waiting in line at the restaurant as your food is being prepared. Cheetay will bring your food to you while it’s still warm. So download the cheetay app today and order away.