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  • food was not fresh
  • Where is there kitchen? Khewra mines? Too much friggin salt... Mind that please

Platter Junction Restaurant in Lahore

When you’re in a hurry to order or when you have people over, all you need is an instant menu, a place that has a diverse array of options so that you can have a full dining table. Then there are times when you’re in a hurry to give your friends a treat but you can’t seem to decide. We have all been through such instances but the key factor in deciding a place is the “taste”. Taste is what really matters in the end.

No one wants to get dressed and drive all the way to God knows where, which is what you have to do at most times if you’re in the mood to eat outside. Sometimes you’re so tired and lazy that you don’t even want to move a finger. You just want the best food to be served to you while you lay in your bed as you watch your favorite TV show or movie. Whenever you’re in the mood to have the best and affordable food, Platter Junction is the best choice for you. They offer not only the best food in terms of quality and hefty servings but they offer affordable platter meals for Chinese, desi, continental and pizza dishes.

Their menu is very unique in the sense that you get to order for a whole lot of people. So get your treats and dinners in order. You can invite your friends or your family over and order the deals of your choice. What is best here is that each individual order contains a variety of different menu items which again is something we all love.

So if you want to order the “desi line” deals such as the Awami Express deal you will get chicken boti (2 Pcs), chicken or beef seekh kebab (1 Pc), chicken handi with bone & masala biryani rice (portion) & salad, naan, mint sauce in the order. There are numerous other deals incorporating the best of desi food in portions for each individual customer.

Moreover, they have Chinese deals such as the Beijing Express deal in which you get chicken manchurian, chicken chowmein, chicken/egg fried rice, drumstick (1 Pc). Apart from these they have deals for kids and platters where you get the best fried fish you can dream of having.

All you have to do is go to our website or download our App. You have our permission to procrastinate! We will deliver your order the way you want it. Nice and fresh!