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Pizza Time Restaurant in Lahore

Having a movie night or a sleepover at your place? Bored at work and want a nice lunch to keep those Monday blues away? Or are you just always hungry and craving pizza? If you answered yes to all the above questions, then it is time for us to introduce you to Pizza Time. Pizza Time has the best pizza in town and we guarantee you that. With so many flavours on their menu, you will be truly spoiled for choice.

Their menu has everything!

We’re not even joking. Let’s talk about all the fantastic flavours that are on their menu. Their most popular flavour is the Royal Majestical Pizza which has cheese filled edges, chicken boti, fajita chicken, sausages, bell pepper, olives and jalapeno. Another favourite is the Super Majestical Pizza. It too has cheese filled edges and it is topped with chicken tikka chunks, tomatoes, onions, olives, and jalapenos. Super Milano is also very famous and it is topped with sausages, paprika, olives, tomatoes, onions, and green chillies.

Other amazing flavours include Pronta, the Vegetarian Supremo (if you are a vegetarian), Firenze, Chicken Barbecue, Super Supremo that is topped with smoked veal sausages, Chilli Hot for all you spice lovers, Sicilia, Fajita, Hawaiian, Ziana Pizza, Chunky Pizza that is loaded with chicken, Punjabi Pizza that is pizza with a desi twist as it is topped with masala chicken, achar, tomatoes, bell pepper, onions, and green chilli, and the Barbecue Majestical Pizza among others.

Make it easy for yourself and order through Cheetay

Cheetay is here to make your life easy. Now you can order all the delicious pizzas from Pizza Time and you don’t even have to leave your house. Whether you live in Model Town, Johar Town, DHA, or old Lahore, Cheetay will bring your food to you. For that you just need to download the Cheetay app or visit the Cheetay website and wait while your piping hot pizza reaches your doorstep.