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A Hot Slice of Pizza from Pizza Hut Restaurant in Lahore

If you are looking for the ultimate pizza flavours and sizes with scrumptious sidelines, sweet chocolate desserts and pasta then Pizza Hut in Lahore is the right choice for you! Also, there are tons of deals that you can choose from to make it a mouth-watering meal and double the quantity of pizza meals. Its extraordinary food delivery partner, Cheetay has the whole menu with all this and more lined up for you so get ready to order your favourites with just a single click!

The Unlimited Appetizers

Start from freshly baked savoury starters or a crunchy fresh salad. Pizza Hut menu is one of the very few restaurants that gives you a huge variety in appetizers. You can have the crispy golden Bread Sticks. These are Italian styled salty oven baked breads that can be eaten with dips. If you want strong flavoured bread then go for a Garlic Bread that is topped with herbs. You can double the taste of Garlic Bread by ordering Garlic Bread Supreme that has melted mozzarella cheese topping on it. Cheesy starters also have Cheesy Pops included in them. These are small tortillas that are wrapped in mozzarella sticks and then baked.

If you want to indulge into chicken before a pizza then get Spin Rolls, Chicken Wings and Flaming Wings. These are all oven baked after being marinated with the right amount of spice. A BBQ Chicken Roll or a Spin Chicken Roll is an appetizing starter as it is stuffed with parmesan and mozzarella cheese, chicken and vegetables. For those who want their menu to be more towards the vegan side, they can have Crispy and Spicy Wedges or a Crunchy fresh salad. In case you are unbearably hungry, have the trio deals. These include Wings, Behari Chicken Spin Rolls or BBQ Chicken Rolls and Potato Wedges.

Delicious Main Course

Once you have decided which starter to order online, plan your favorite main course now. This could be an Italian Pasta with creamy white sauce, meat sauce with fresh parsley chopped on foot long lasagna strips or a pizza with tons of flavours. These include Afghani Tikka with creamy pizza sauce; Behari with mozzarella Cheese, parsley and a ting of lemon; Super Sicilian that comes with spices, fajita and vegetables; Chicken Supreme that has all flavours of chicken with vegetables in it; Fajita Sicilian with veggies and fajita chicken; Spicy Ranch with delicious chicken chunks and vegetables; Super Supreme that is a delightful blend of beef and chicken and BBQ Buzz that comes with smoked BBQ sauce and chicken.

Contemporary flavours in pizzas might be an excellent choice to order but nothing can compete with the local legendary flavours. In Pizza Hut, these include the tender and juicy Grilled Cheeky Chicken; the authentic Mexican Chicken Fajita; smoky Chicken Tikka; meaty Classic Pepperoni, spicy Hot Stuff, melted cheesy Cheese Lovers, Peri-Peri Chilli Chicken and the rich Very Veggie. A small bite of puffy pizza with chewy meat of your chosen seasoning, gooey cheese, crunchy vegetables and spicy sauces makes you want to eat endlessly. This experience is incomparable and beyond explanation.

The Deals in the Meals from Pizza Hut

When you talk about the size of pizza in the Ultimate and Legendary flavours, they are beyond the obvious. Pizza Hut offers X4 Pizza deals that consist of X4 Legends, X4 Ultimate and X4 Combo. These are extra cheesy and serve six people in one go. An extra -large pizza in 4 different flavours with 1.5 litre drink and sides of your own choice can make your world a pizza heaven for you! Of course there are other deals as well.

Pizza Hut prices change according to the deals offered. Its; Double Wow Deals with two personal pan pizzas, regular pizzas or large pizzas with drinks offer a huge variety in sizes and seasonings at low prices. Then, there are Wow Deals. These include one personal, regular or large pizza with two, four or six garlic breads and soft drinks of your own choice. For large meals, Pizza Hut’s deals are categorized according to servings at affordable prices. These servings include regular pizzas, sidelines, salads and drinks serve from two to six people in one go. If you like to eat pizzas on weekly basis then Weekly Special Deal can become your favourite. These consist of Weekday Spnew deals that offer one small or personal pan pizza with a side and soft drinks of your own choice. If you crave for pizzas from 4pm to 7pm, then look for Happy Hour deals that include personal pan pizzas, regular pizzas, large pizzas and panormous pizzas with drinks of your choice. To sneak in a pizza in the middle of the night, order Midnight Deals online through Cheetay and get regular pizzas and soft drinks.

Snack or Affordable Treats - your call!

Whether you are on a low budget or want a snack instead of the main meal, Pizza Hut will cater to you. Under its Affordable Treats, you can have a 4.5 inch Pan Pizza snack, a value roll that is folded in soft Tortilla, a pizza pocket or a Signature Pizza Hut Personal Salad. Snacks also include desserts such as Hershey’s Double Chocolate Chip Cookie or a Chocolicious Brownie. These can serve from 1 to 8 people in one go.

Pizza Hut proudly offers every size and taste in its “Flavours of Now” and Cheetay brings all options on the table. Now, the decision is entirely in your hands.