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Know that Pizza Factory Delivery is Through Cheetay Now

A cheesy, saucy and crusty pizza is what you would ask for from Pizza Factory in Lahore. When it has a freshly grated cheese, chunks of beef/chicken or tomato puree and freshly chopped vegetables, it becomes really hard to resist. Now that it is available at cheetay, you can order any of the pizza factory deals and meals the way you like!

Pizza Factory’s Savory Menu at Your Service

Pizza Factory offers a range of pizzas for you to choose from. It has the spicy Chicken Fajita, Chicken Supreme, smoked and Cheesy Tikka, Creamy Tikka, spicy and rich Pepperoni, crunchy Veggie, stringy Margherita. You can also order a Chicken Kebab or BBQ pizza topped with tasty sauces that tease your taste buds and make you crave for more. If your palate includes a nutty, rich flavoured basil pesto sauce, then get a pizza that is layered with this and spicy Chicken Fajita, fresh green and red vegetables. Those who like beef can order Supreme Pizza with beef sausages and pepperoni. In case, you are looking to order something different then get a Pizza Sub Sandwich or spicy Italian Pasta along with crispy garlicy bread or Chicken Cheesy Bread.

So, order a piping hot Italian dish that you wish to eat and gobble it down instantly!