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  • Ordered chicken grilled sandwich deal. It was okay but I guess a little expensive in 300
  • bullshit service first you guys fraud with my money and never lodged a complaint your rider deliver me less food and takes full money and now you guys yourself cancels my order .. what the hell is going on
  • Chciken Grilled Sandwich was delicious. The best and resonable deal: 1 Chicken Chutney Roll + 1 Chciken Grilled Sandwich. Its enough for one. .
  • I ordered 2 chutni roll and 1 sandwich but the boy came after 2 hours with cold 1 sandwich and 1 roll then I said there is only one roll then he said sorry i think the pick & pack forget to add 2 rolls then he charged the full amount and said i will be back with second roll then I again waited for this guy but he didn't come back. very cheap service never use it again thanks for wasting my time and money.
  • Very poor service I ordered food and they cancelled after one hour without any reason
  • Sandwich was very yummy ! But i jope next time you'll add more fries in the box as there were counted 10 fries ???? Secondly, the cocumber was little bit bitter Please use quality wise cocumber plus overall i would like to give 8/10 ....!! Keep it up and continue this deal as well ! thanks
  • BEHTREEN????
  • taste wise and food quality very good . sandwich and chatni roll amazing deal at price bas restaurant open hona ka kafi wait Kiya
  • thumbs up
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