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Peri Peri for Chicken Lovers

You know those days when you’re trying to diet and can’t figure out what to eat? You don’t want to eat greens or a fruit bowl but something flavourful and delicious something more filling than just lettuce and tastier than strawberries something meatier for the soul and the heart. But we all know how high-fat protein can be. So do you risk the calories? Do you declare a cheat meal or better yet, an entire cheat day? What do you do? In moments like these, the best meal to usually have is barbecue, a meal filling enough, delicious enough and one that doesn’t come with the excess baggage of unnecessary calories. A barbecued piece of chicken marinated in a zesty and tangy tikka masala minus the oil is the perfect solution to your dieting. But it does get tiring to eat the same tikka over and over again, right? Wouldn’t you prefer a new blend of masalas, a boti marinated in a different style? Something perhaps more exotic than the local spices?

Peri Peri Chicken in Lahore

You don’t have to go too far to get an exotic chicken piece because Peri Peri is now in town and on Cheetay’s website. You can order Peri Peri in Lahore and get a taste of something different than your down the street barbecue shop. Instead, you can still enjoy a hearty and healthy meal from Peri Peri minus the guilt of eating extra calories. They have an extensive grilled menu ranging from flamed grilled chicken to peri peri stuffed chicken and grilled chicken with pasta or rice. If you’re not a weight watcher then how about indulging in their delicious sides such as coleslaw, onion rings, fries, mashed potatoes and vegetable rice. Grilled chicken goes well with any of these sides and at Peri Peri in Lahore, you know they’ll make it just right. Peri Peri also has a menu for children, house specials like chicken steak or lemon chicken, platters to share with friends and family, and of course a range of burgers and sandwiches such as chicken burger, peri chicken panini, steak sandwich and much more! End that meal on a sweet note with Peri Peri’s death by chocolate cake, molten lava cake or cheesecake and you’ll leave with a big smile on your face.

Order Peri Peri Anywhere in Lahore

Yep, you read that right. You can order Peri Peri anywhere in Lahore, no matter how far you live. Even if your office or home is on the other end of Lahore, you can still enjoy a grilled chicken from Peri Peri. How? Simply order through cheetay. At cheetay, we don’t care how far the restaurant is from where you are - we deliver no matter what because we want you to enjoy the meal when you don’t feel like going out to the restaurant yourself or are too busy at the office to go out for lunch. So download the cheetay app today and order away! Tell us, kya chahiye?