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Peppers Restaurant in Lahore

Peppers Restaurant, located in DHA Lahore, is a little eatery that offers a not-so-little food variety. Yes, their menu has a number of options for you. Whether you are in the mood for fast food, Pakistani food, Chinese or Thai cuisine, BBQ, shawarma, paratha rolls, they have it all. The quality and taste of food are also remarkable. So if you suddenly have a ton of people at your place but you are so tired that you don’t know what to serve them. Then Peppers might be your answer. Your guests will certainly enjoy themselves given the many options and excellent food.

Menu Items

The most popular menu items at Peppers are their chicken macaroni, fettuccine alfredo pasta, chicken chilli dry, chicken fried rice, brain masala, and the hot n sour soup. The burger menu offers a wide range of choices. There is chicken, chicken fillet, beef, zinger, pepper’s special pepperoni burger, pepper’s special pizza sandwich, club sandwich, and grilled chicken n cheese. There are also a number of options for shawarma and paratha rolls including the chicken shawarma and paratha rolls, chicken tikka platter, chicken rajistani platter, and others.

For Pakistani food, everything ranging from handis, kababs, karahi, to biryani, mix vegetable, daal mash is available. So your love for desi food can be fully satisfied. To complement these dishes, an array of naan and roti options are also available. From saada naan to naan with fillings and different flavors, everything is available.

From the Chinese and Thai menu, you can order chicken Manchurian, chicken cashew nuts, chicken chilli dry, chicken shashlik, chicken oyster, Thai spicy noodles and so much more. In soups, they offer chicken corn soup, Thai soup, hot n sour, and pepper’s special soup. Everything is delicious, and you won’t be disappointed.

Prices and Deals

The entire menu is very reasonably priced. So you can enjoy your food without worrying about cash. Moreover, Peppers offers a large number of deals so you can party with your friends without spending a ton. The deals include fast food, Chinese, Thai, Pakistani, everything on the menu basically. For instance, Deal 5 includes half biryani, half ginger, raita, salad, roghani naan, and a regular drink. Everything under 1000 rupees. Sweet, right!

For the fastest delivery from Peppers, order from Cheetay by downloading the app or visiting our website. You can also call us at our UAN number, and we will deliver the order no matter where you live as quickly as possible.