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  • their shwarma is OK but sandwiches are rubbish

Order Shawarmas from Paradise Restaurant in Liberty, Lahore

If you have ever been to Liberty market in Lahore, it is highly unlikely that you haven’t heard of Paradise. Every shopping trip to Liberty is incomplete without Paradise ka shawarma and Paradise ki ice cream. These are literally the prerequisites of a successful shopping spree. It doesn’t matter if you end up buying nothing, you still got to have a snack from Paradise. Especially, if you are into spicy food, the shawarma will leave a jolt of flavor in your mouth. Whether you get the beef or chicken, both are equally good!

But don’t feel that you should only eat from Paradise if you want to shop from Liberty. People go especially just to eat the many popular food items that are one of a kind in all of Lahore.

The heavenly menu of Paradise

Paradise has everything ranging from fast food to Pakistani food, continental and Middle Eastern food. From the burgers and sandwiches menu, you can order the chicken burger, beef burger, or chicken/club sandwich. Then there are several options in the Takka Tak menu. There is brain masala, gurday kapooray with mutton chops, Mughlai chicken, mixed takka tak, chicken cheese tawa, tawa mutton chops, and kebab masala.

The Pakistani food menu is also finger-lickin’ good. All the handis and karahis are very tender with an exemplary blend of spices. Continental food is also pretty on point. The available options in this category are chicken shashlik, chicken stroganoff, stuffed chicken breast, chicken drumsticks, finger fish, and fried fish.

For those chilly winter evenings, when you are out and about in Lahore. The soups from Paradise are a must try. Whether you enjoy chicken corn soup, hot and sour, thai, cream of chicken, or vegetable clear soup. Each one is worth a try.

Why such a hype for Paradise ice cream

Let us just say that this is one of the best ice creams available in Lahore. Even better than some of the very expensive choices. It is so creamy and delectable, that everyone who tries it falls in love with it. What more could you possibly expect from ice cream? A friendly advice: please try it, if you haven’t already and see how you fall in love.

But if you are waiting for your next shopping trip to eat from Paradise then stop right there! No need to go all the way to Liberty. Just visit Cheetay’s website or download the Cheetay app, and get your hands on all your favorite snacks. Even ice cream! Pretty cool, no?