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Palillos Restaurant for Chinese food lovers

There is a sense of comfort in Chinese food because it’s what most of us grew up eating from outside. We loved fish crackers dipped in a warm bowl of hot and sour soup, followed by the main course that often included egg fried rice with Manchurian or chicken with garlic sauce. Over time, not only did the number of Chinese restaurants popping around Lahore grew, but also the variety of dishes they served. And with that, our love for Chinese cuisine also grew to the point that we never get tired of eating Chinese food! With so much variety in restaurants and dishes, we are always on the hunt for the next best Chinese restaurant in town.

Well, get this. Palillos is the newest addition to the fine dining Chinese cuisine experience. With a relaxing ambiance and eye-catching interiors, the whole experience of eating Chinese reaches a whole new level! Each of their mouth-watering dishes has authentic taste with a fusion of Pakistani spices. Their food is definitely not worth missing! Let’s start with their appetizers, shall we? They’ve got prawn chilli mushrooms on toast, special Thai beef salad, stuffed chilli prawns with sweet chilli sauce, deep fried chicken wings with special hunan sauce, batter fried golden prawns and so much more! Have we got your mouth watering yet? Good, because we’re only getting started. From their soup menu, there is a long list of soups you can order because they’ve got it all – including hot and sour soup, Palillos special soup, chicken soup, chicken noodle soup, Chinese chicken tomato, prawns and coconut soup.

Now whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian, seafood or noodles only lover, Palillos has got it all. You can order their prawns and pineapple chowmein, Kung Pao chicken, sweet and sour chicken, crab with Szechuan sauce, prawns with cashew nuts, garlic shrimps, Thai chicken curry, ginger beef or glazed beef chilli dry, stir fried garlic rice, egg fried rice, Thai chicken noodles and so much more! Wait for it there’s still more. Palillos also has exciting desserts to tantalize your palate such as deep fried bananas topped with coconut sauce, caked Alaska, Chinese tutti frutti (traditional style) and assorted ice cream with fruits. End that with jasmine Chinese tea, cappuccino coffee or a black coffee and voila, you will not get a better meal anywhere.

Delivery from Palillos Restaurant in Lahore

Of course, with such a happening and trending restaurant in Lahore right now, you might find it hard to find a table. But don’t worry just yet. If you are hosting a big daawat at home or a brunch and want to add a couple of Chinese items, Palillos is your go to place. And while you do the arrangements at home, leave it to cheetay to deliver your fresh plate of glazed beef with almonds, a rich chicken with butter spinach, steam fish garlic sauce or whatever it is you desire. Cheetay will deliver your food while it’s still fresh and warm. So download the cheetay app now and order away!

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