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  • Don't have entire menu available, use brown burger bun. Beef patty was pretty much tasteless. Chips were soggy. Labelled incorrectly as well.
  • I love the burgers. The taste is so good

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So who doesn’t love the occasional burger right! No one on Earth can refuse a scrumptiously moist beef patty smothered with a rich mayo garlic sauce topped with caramelized onions, diced jalapenos, slices of tomatoes, crispy crackling turkey bacon and chards of lettuce drenched in cheese. The more burger patties there are the merrier it is! So this is the only guilty pleasure you really don’t feel so bad after indulging in. Having a burger is the only option we can settle on when you really can’t decide what to have whether you’re alone or with friends.

Plus with so many options available you’re really spoiled for choice. Sometimes you’re in the mood for that robust crunch in the burger. Sometimes you want a moist and succulent patty and at other times you want a char grilled burger with the authentic barbecue flavor. Plus, it’s fairly convenient for you to order a fresh and hot burger delivered to you rather than you going all the way to a diner to eat.

So trust yourself in making the best burger, yes you can do it! Outpost BYOB, one of the best burger places in Lahore (Build Your Own Burgers) leaves it all entirely up to you to construct the foundation of your own burger with every ingredient and option in your hand. Choose the type of meat, toppings, bread, sauce and side servings yourself aur khush ho kar khao! So order your perfect burger because yes you are the boss and you know what’s best. Aur aap hi bata saktay hain konsa burger best hai. Just log on to our website, enter your location, place your order and your order will be delivered in record time.

Whether you live in Cantt, Model Town, DHA or Wapda Town just place your order aur aap ko khud janay ki zaroorat hi nahee. Our very swift cheetahs will deliver your order right at your doorstep! Download the cheetay app today and order away.