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Order Online from Orchid Family Restaurant at Cheetay!

So, who’s up for a giant Pakistani, Chinese or Italian meal? If you are, then order from Orchid restaurant at Cheetay now! With soups, wings, fries, burgers and sandwiches to pizzas, handis, karahis, barbeque and Chinese pan-fried dishes, it has all this and more in its menu.

Choose from an Extensive Orchid Restaurant Menu

A soup is the best way to start your meal with. This mild food gets you ready for a delicious main course. Whether you choose Hot and Sour, Chicken Corn, Cream of Chicken, Tomato, Seafood Chedder or the Lahori Special Yakhni, Orchid Restaurant promises to give you a pleasant umami taste. Of course, the soup is incomplete without fish crackers so you have to add these to your cart too. If you are up for a meaty appetizer then deep-fried black pepper Chicken Drumsticks is an option for you. Or you can get nuggets, chicken pakora or grilled chicken strips to start your meal.

A Diverse Mix of Cuisines

Next, order a cheesy pizza or a simple chicken cheese burgers and sandwiches to satiate your appetite for American cuisine. Or devour on Orchid’s special sandwich and Chicken masala burger. Load your meal and made it a deal from Orchid Restaurant by adding fried chicken, peri peri or fried honey wings along with cheesy, BBQ or masala fries.

For pizza lovers, a stringy and melted cheesy pizzas with crusty bases is hard to resist. The rich flavours disseminating from crunchy bell peppers, sweet corn, mushrooms, olives, onions, green chilies, asparagus, artichokes, pineapples and Mexican herbs salivate your mouth. When this is layered under marinated bbq chicken, chicken fajita, spring chicken, sausages, salami and beef pepperoni, it becomes even more appetizing for the meat fans.

Besides this, you can have Orchid’s wide range of Pakistani and Chinese Cuisine dishes that consist of curries and stews with mutton and chicken.

So, go ahead, order and make your own Orchid Restaurant Buffet at home or any location that you like!