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OMG (Oh My Granola) Restaurant in Lahore

If you are not already aware of the benefits of granola bars then it’s time that you do. It is the perfect healthy snack that you can have whenever and wherever you want. Whether your stomach is growling in the middle of the class or maybe those midnight cravings are not allowing you to sleep. It is not just a snack, but you can also have it in breakfast as it is both fulfilling and nutritious. Some of the health benefits of granola bars are that they help in weight loss, aids digestion, lowers cholesterol, and provides the body with healthy fats. Now that you are a fan of granola bars, let us introduce you to one of the best brands of granola bars. It is none other than OMG (Oh My Granola).

So many delicious options to choose from

Yes, that’ss right. A ton of options and flavours are available for you. For instance, Oh My Granola not just has granola bars, but brownies, protein bars, butter, cereals, muffins, bread, and yogurt bowls as well. You can get peanut butter granola bar, almond and chocolate chip granola bar, dark chocolate and walnut protein bar, black currant and pumpkin seed oat brownie, fall seasonal low fat pumpkin and zucchini muffins, honey almond and walnut granola cereal, mocha granola cereal, dark chocolate almond butter, yogurt bowl with granola and fruits and so many other delicious treats.

If you’re wondering about the prices

Then let us assure you, that the prices are great. You can get 6 pieces of peanut butter granola bars in PKR 900 only! Amazing, right? Let’s not forget how only the highest quality ingredients are used in everything.

So where do you place your order?

You can get all the delicious goodies from OMG (Oh My Granola) through Cheetay. Just visit the Cheetay website and download the Cheetay app, and order your favourite healthy snacks right now.